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This FAQ is about the New (Blue) version of RefWorks, released to Quinnipiac in 2020. If you are currently using the Legacy (Orange) version of RefWorks, please consider migrating to the newer, more full-featured version, using these instructions. Information about the Legacy version can be found here.  


Although you can no longer create multiple RefWorks accounts (including those for group projects), New RefWorks has a number of new features that have vastly improved its ability to share content and manage multiple projects.

Table of Contents

1. Sharing Folders 

2. Sharing Projects

3. Working with Shared Folders


Sharing Folders

You can view the references that have been shared with you, and in some cases add comments. If you want to edit or export references that have been shared with you, you must first copy them to your own reference folders.

Click here to learn more about sharing folders.

Sharing Projects

Similar to having a multiple RefWorks accounts, projects allow you to maintain separate reference collections for different research projects. 

Click here to learn how to create projects

You can share your projects with other RefWorks users. Those users have full permissions within the project, including adding, deleting, and modifying folders and references. 

Click here to learn how to share projects 


Working with Shared Folders

When a folder is shared with you, you will receive an email notification. You can view the folder in the Sharing tab in RefWorks. To view the references in a shared folder, you must accept the invitation: select Join in the folder's row.

The folder will appear in your left sidebar, under Sharing

  • You can view the references and citations of shared folders. When enabled, you can also add comments and notes to the citations or even remove or add citations to the references.
  • You can remove your own access to a shared folder using the action menu in the folder's row. If you remove your own access to a shared folder, any tags that are associated only with references in that folder are removed from your list of tags.


To learn more about RefWorks, consult this guide:


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