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Isabel is a web based point of care diagnosis checklist and knowledge tool. There is no app for Isabel. Instead, you can save Isabel webpage on the home screen of your devices. 

How to access Isabel

1. On your mobile device, go to and login with ID:  39743  PW: isabel14. Or simply scan the QR code below.  

To scan a QR code

Launch the Camera app on your device. Point it at the QR code.

Look for the notification banner at the top of the screen. Tap on it to open Isabel


2. Create a shortcut to Isabel on your home screen.

  1. On an iPhone or iPad: After logging in Isabel using the above ID and password, on that Isabel webpage, tap on the share button iPhone share button. Scroll right, left or up depending on the version of iOS to find the “Add to Home Screen”.
  2. On Android: Open the Android menu (three dots on the top right hand side of the screen) to find the “Add to home screen”’.

NOTE: For iPhones - Disable “Block Pop ups” in Settings in order to get to the linked resources.


How to use Isabel -- click here for a training video


  1. Be as specific as possible. Use medical terms or plain English
  2. Enter abnormal clinical features.  For example hematuria, lower back pain
  3. Do not use numbers. Enter “leukocytosis” not “leukocyte count 22,000
  4. Include social factors for example smoker, family hx of ….. , Jewish, etc.
  5. Enter Travel history if relevant Enter abnormal clinical features.
  6. Check ‘Drugs’ tab for side effects causing symptoms

Click on Get checklist once all  pertinent positive symptoms are entered

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