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This FAQ is about the New (Blue) version of RefWorks, released to Quinnipiac in 2020. If you are currently using the Legacy (Orange) version of RefWorks, please consider migrating to the newer, more full-featured version, using these instructions. Information about the Legacy version can be found here.  


If you need to download RefWorks Citation Manager, visit this tutorial for Macs, and this tutorial for Windows.

Once you have RefWorks Citation Manager installed, read through these basic instruction on how to use the tool. Remember that you can always ASK A LIBRARIAN for additional assistance!


Using RefWorks Citation Manager For Microsoft Word:

An action menu is available on the left of the sidebar:


To set the citation style: 

1. Select Change citation style in the action menu.


2. A dialog box appears in the right sidebar. Select the style and select Update. Every time you perform this action, all citations and the bibliography will be updated to the new style.



To insert a citation:

Place your cursor in the document where you would like to insert the citation. Select the reference in the RefWorks Citation Manager toolbar, and then select Quick Cite - the option will appear when you select the reference.  When you do, two things are added to your document:

  • An inline citation
  • A bibliography at the end of the document. If a bibliography already exists, the reference is added to it.

If you want to insert multiple citation, check multiple boxes.


To configure the reference before inserting it:

1. Place your cursor in the document where you would like to insert the citation. Select the reference in the RefWorks Citation Manager toolbar, and then select Preview & Edit - the option will appear when you select the reference.


2. The Preview & Edit pane appears. Full reference information appears at the bottom. The Preview & Edit pane allows you to perform multiple additional actions to a citation, including adding page numbers, removing elements, or creating a footnote rather than an in-line citation. When you have completed your changes, select Insert Citation. An inline citation is added as well as a bibliography entry.


Additional actions:

Delete a citation – Select the entire citation, either by highlighting it with your mouse or by selecting the block element handle and pressing Delete. Select Update document in the action menu to update the bibliography.

Add a citation to a footnote – Create a footnote in Word and add a citation to it as you would add a citation inline in the text.

Refresh RefWorks – If you need to refresh the RefWorks pane, select Reload from the configuration menu in the top right corner of the RefWorks pane. 



To learn more about RefWorks, consult this guide:

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