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Answered By: Rachel Lerner
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2015     Views: 13

1. Login to the RefWorks account from which you wish to TAKE the references.

2. Select the references that you wish to export into the other account by clicking the box to the left of the citation. This can be done from within a folder as well as from the main list. 

3. Navigate to the “References” tab (1) and select “Export” from the dropdown menu (2).

4. Make sure the “selected” radio button is marked (1), and choose “RefWorks Tagged Format” from the export format dropdown menu (2). Click “Export References” (3).

5. If your popups have been blocked (and a new tab doesn’t immediately open) you can look at the bottom right of your screen. You will see a message like the image below. Click the first link, and a new tab will open in your browser. You will need this; don’t close it.

6. Once you see the new tab appear, click on it, select all of the text, and copy it. Leave the tab open in case the copy doesn’t work.  

7. Logout of the RefWorks account and then log in to the account into which you wish to import these references.

8. Navigate to the “References” tab (1) and select “Import” from the dropdown menu (2).

9. The default option for the import settings is to import from a file. Click the second option (From Text), to reveal those options. 

10. Choose “Refworks Tagged Format” from the Import Filter/Data Source dropdown menu (1). The database will automatically change to “tagged format”. Paste the text that you copied into the large empty box (2). If you want to import these references into a particular folder, you can choose that now (3). Finally, click “Import” in the lower right corner of the box (4).

11. Once the items have processed, you will receive a receipt, and it is done.


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